6 Dec 2018 Paris (France)

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN), Sophie Herbst, Virginie van Wassenhove & Timo van Kerkoerle (Neurospin UNICOG)

This workshop is part of a series of meetings to discuss the neural generators and functional relevance of  oscillatory dynamics in neural activity, particularly of the alpha frequency band (8–12 Hz).
The meeting intends to bridge different scales of analysis, from slices to animals to human and theoretical models, by bringing together experts of the different recording techniques.
In general we are interested in how the internal dynamics of the brain shape perception, with a focus for the upcoming meeting on the potential functional role and the cortical mechanisms of the alpha rhythm.

The registration is free however mandatory due to a limited number of seats.

Suliann Ben Hamed (Institut des Sciences Cognitives, CNRS, France)

Alain Destexhe (EITN UNIC CNRS, France)
Laura Dugué (Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception, France)

Saskia Haegens (University of Columbia, USA)
Magor Lorincz (University of Szeged, Hungary)
David Melcher (University of Trento, Italy)

Rufin VanRullen (CerCo, France)

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